Acceptance of the project "Building a model linking the chain of sustainable dragon fruit production and consumption"

On March 24, the Plant Protection Institute held a grassroots-level Council of Science and Technology (Science and Technology), accepting and finalizing the agricultural extension project "Building a model linking the production and consumption chain of durable dragon fruits. firm "by TS. Ha Minh Thanh is the director.

The project has built an integrated intensive farming model (255 ha), 1 new planting model (3ha), 3 chain link models (100ha) in Binh Thuan, Long An and Tien Giang. At the same time, the project has provided plant protection drugs, fertilizers, and bio-products to 230 farming households in 3 provinces. The disease reduction efficiency was more than 80%, yield increased 17% compared to mass production. In addition, the implementation group organized 27 classes (485 turns of people) to train farmers in the model; 30 classes (1,050 people) for farmers outside the model, organized 9 seminars with 840 participants and carried out programs broadcast on local television channels of the provinces.

Based on the implementation results of the project, 100 ha of dragon fruit growing area in Ham Minh commune, Ham Liem commune, Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Bac district, Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan province has been certified to produce according to GlobalGAP standards and products have been exported to Korean and European markets. The project also supports and coordinates with farmers at Ham Minh 30 and Thuan Tien cooperatives to sign contracts with Thinh An Company, Dat Vinh Company and Big-Green Company for production and consumption of manufactured products. to South Korea and Switzerland.

After listening to the project manager report, the Science and Technology Council highly appreciated the results achieved by the project. At the same time, the Council also contributes additional comments to complete the report. The Council unanimously agreed to take over at the grassroots level and to carry out the procedures for the Ministry level acceptance.

Department of Science and International Cooperation,
Plant Protection Institute

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